Steakhouse Quarter Beef


Select calves are feed alfalfa and a premium blend of feeds to create a high-end steakhouse quality cut.

Quarter cuts are $7.75 per pound. A non-refundable $200 is due at the time of the order with the rest coming due at the completion of the order. The typical average weight of a quarter cut is 65-90 pounds. (This is only an estimate and weights could range lower or higher depending on the calf’s size.)

SHIPPING: We will deliver or work out arrangements with you if you live within 100 miles of Stigler, OK. For delivery by mail, the final cost of shipping will be figured upon completion of the order. We recommend priority express 1-2 day shipping but will ship using different methods upon request.

Some cuts of meats are only produced once in an animal. We will do our best to split these single cuts into four equal quarters. However, this is no guarantee that these rare cuts will exist in your order. If these single cuts are important to you, we suggest that you purchase either a Steakhouse Whole Beef or at least a Steakhouse Half Beef.

Available on backorder

Our premium Steakhouse Quarter Beef cuts offer the quality and tenderness found in high-end steak houses. We only select calves that meet the highest standards. These standards ensure customers get the most tender of cuts. These calves have access to alfalfa and other premium feeds. We use alfalfa because of it’s superior content of vitamins, minerals, protein, and other herbal properties compared with other feed sources (National Institutes of Health).

With the rise of processed foods, it is important to us that Foster’s Farm Fresh are free of antibiotics, hormones, and are healthier to consume. Healthy foods should not “break the bank” but be readily accessible to all classes of consumers. At Foster’s Farm Fresh, we do our utmost to raise healthy livestock, while reducing cost overall.

Weight130 lbs
Dimensions19.375 × 17.375 × 14 in


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